Nub Horns (Common)

Category: Horns

Nub Horns are small, rounded horns protruding from your bay's head!

Devil Horns (Common)

Category: Horns

Devil Horns are small, sharp horns protruding from your bay's head!

Ram Horns (Rare)

Category: Horns

Ram Horns create a spiral shape at the sides of your bay's head!

Bull Horns (Rare)

Category: Horns

Bull Horns take a shape similar to that of the longhorn cattle, or any cow relative!

Goat Horns (Legendary)

Category: Horns

Goat Horns stretch back from your bay's head in a long, slight curve, and can have a grainy texture.

Antlers (Legendary)

Category: Horns

Antlers take the same shape as any cervidae antlers, including deer, elk, moose, and reindeer!

Unihorn (Restricted)

Category: Horns

Unihorns are a singular horn sprouting from your bay's forehead, and can take any unique shape. 

Unlisted Horns (Restricted)

Category: Horns

Unlisted Horns is the catch-all for any Restricted rarity horn that does not have its own trait label. This can be anything from "dragon horns" to nothing ever seen before!

Food Based Horns (Cuisine)

Category: Horns
Species: Cuisine Bayfox

Food-Based Horns can be made of or take the shape of any food, from ice cream cone unihorns, to gummy devil horns, and more! This trait WILL take up one of the two free cuisine traits granted by a Full Course Meal or Cake Mix.

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