[EVENT] Sea Sprawl

It seems along the coast is where the most valuable possessions reside...

Welcome to THE SEA SPRAWL OF 2023!

Sea Sprawl is a new event hosted for the summer of 2023! This event will have a handful of art prompts to participate in, as well as additional roleplay-based activities to engage in with a similar reward! The name of the game is collecting sunken treasure chests, which provide a chance to earn cosmetics, pets, and MYO slots!



Sunken Treasure are the form of event lootboxes that can be acquired through this activity! There are two variants, both a general lootbox as well as a special gold treasure box! Both include special rewards.


  1. The five art prompts are an optional but additional bonus to this event! You can submit a total of 10 prompts to this event, but stop receiving additional bonus tiers listed below after five. Event access in some areas are open regardless of prompt participation, be sure to check for clarity on the respective posts!
  2. Feral, anthro, Baykit, and Baysune Bayfoxes are all accepted for these prompts as long as the bayfox has a masterlist to be attached within each submission! Be sure to ask for permission before drawing a bayfox that isn't yours or a mascot, however!
  3. Both art and writing submissions are allowed. Art can be digital or traditional. All entries must be kept SFW
  4. All art submissions must at LEAST be one colored fullbody. Coloring must be clean, while slightly sketchy but still relatively cleaner art may be accepted. Work that is not clean due to a perceived lack of effort may be declined. Extra shading and backgrounds are optional as long as the prompt is still clear. Writing submissions must include at least one "main character" and be at least 500 words long.
  5. Prompts can be completed more than once and in any order! Prompts will give rewards individually, so you do not need to complete every prompt to get rewards, and can work with whichever prompts you enjoy most. You cannot "fuse" prompts to earn multiple rewards for one piece.
  6. Please only pick one prompt per submission, and only submit one prompt at a time. Do not assign multiple prompts to one entry. Pick what is most suitable if you are stuck!
  7. Artistic interpretation and creative liberty for prompts is encouraged, as long as it still relates to the theme in some way! Relation to the theme is relatively lax, so have fun!
  8. ONLY EC and any additional prompt-related rewards will be redeemed when prompt submissions are made. If you wish to earn shells for your artwork as well, please submit it separately to Art Redeeming! 
  9. All work must be new and original and include your noticeable effort. Any artwork using bases or backgrounds not your own will be declined. 




This event has a group of art prompts to create unique work to! Revolved around the exploration of the coast and the ocean at large, participation in these prompts will reward participants with treasure lootboxes. 

Treasure Hunters
Depict your bayfox scavenging for or detecting some form of valuable item! Had they strained themself in their attempt to find it, or had the treasure instead found them? If they found something, are they celebrating the acquisition? Or do they more innocently wish to uncover if it had a past owner? 

Favorable Friend
Some areas are known for their high populations! Depict your bayfox interracting with another bayfox! Are they celebrating their time with a friend? Or is it far more impersonal, instead engaging in a form of transactional deal with someone else, even a stranger?

Seaside Ventures
Depict your bayfox preparing for or currently enjoying their favorite summertime activity! Was the weather nice enough to enjoy a favorite food or drink? Or even partake in a swim in the sea? Or had they planned their trip in the eye of a storm, for better or for worse?

Ocean Exploration
Depict your bayfox engaging in some form of seaside exploration! Are they lugging around a bag of stray oceanic collectibles to take home? Have they chosen to clean up the shorelines? Or are they instead just curiously examining the wild flora or fauna of an area?

Shoreline Spectacles
Depict your bayfox treating themself to a celebration! Are they enjoying a party on the coast? Or are they attending some form of exciting show or activity such as a firework or other display? Many festivities occur within the coming months of the year, what do they seem to enjoy the most out of them?


You can earn a flat rate of 5 EC and 1 Treasure Chest for every art submission that is submitted. Finish (backgrounds or shading, etc) can reward you with bonus EC! Backgrounds and shading are not required!
For writing prompts, 500 words will grant you the basic 5 EC, for every 100 words after that you will earn an extra 1 EC. So if you write 2000 words, you can receive 20EC.

The rewards stack, and the more you complete, the more unique rewards you will receive!
The first submission you do will count as the "1 Submission" labeled below, meaning you will only have to complete 5 prompts total!
These rewards below are stacked on top of the default rewards.

  • 1 Submission: "Sea Sprawl - 2023" Ribbon
  • 2 Submissions: 2 Mermaid Pets
  • 3 Submissions: 2 Effect Potions + 1 Bonus Treasure Chest
  • 4 Submissions: 10 Event Coins + 1 Mermaid Potion
  • 5 Submissions: 1 Mermaid Pockat + 2 Bonus Treasure Chests


END DATE: WHEN IT IS NO LONGER JULY 1ST Anywhere in the world



Traveler's Deck

Murmurings of a wandering traveler with many mysterious gifts has begun. Rumor has it, that the character has been sighted to carry strange vouchers of glass amongst other treasures within their bag. If you catch them, it's best to interract! 
**Note: this activity does NOT currently require the prequisite ribbon.




Wandering Stalls

It appears that as the month passes, that small individual, mod-hosted stalls will open! Individuals will be able to reply with an in-character roleplay dialogue response in order for a chance to receive additional lootboxes.

[Sign up for the Site Ping role within the discord server to receive notifications of the openings of these stalls, as each opening will only have a 24 hour window for reactions!]
**The event ribbon is not required to participate within this section of the event, so feel free to join at any time!

[-VISIT THE Wandering Stalls Masterpost HERE-]




As always, the Bayfox Cove Discord will be open and hosting additional activities where you can get even more prizes, such as claimables, quizzes, or scavenger hunts!