Welcome to the Bayfox site! Be sure to review all rules before you get started!
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1.1 JOINING: Anyone is allowed to join Bayfoxes regardless of if they own one or not!
You must be a member of the site in order to participate in activities, such as making MYOs and earning ARPG items.

1.1.1 JOINING THE DISCORD: Anyone is allowed to join the Discord! Please be sure to follow all rules. We reserve the right to kick members for bad behavior.

1.3 ALT ACCOUNTS OR NAME CLAIMS: Having more than one account is not permitted and are considered cheating. Accounts discovered to be alts or name claims will be banned and may subject the main account to a suspension or ban from using the site any further.

1.2 OBTAINING: Bayfoxes can be obtained by making a MYO, adopting from any official sales, royalty events, or by obtaining secondhand from a rehome! Please be sure to check the design's Masterlist before accepting a trade.
Admins and mods are permitted to make Bayfox Adopts and Customs freely, and their designs may not have a Masterlist entry until after purchase. All admins and mods can be found on the front page of the DeviantArt group in the right side bar widget or the "About Us" page, and the Userbase list.

1.3 ETIQUETTE: Please be respectful to everyone in the group! Harassing, participating in hate speech, manipulating, and guilt-tripping of others is a bannable offence.
      - Keep things PG-13. We do NOT accept ANY NSFW, offensive, racist, or any mentioned in 5.9 ILLEGAL CONTENT on this site.
      - In case of conflict, maintain etiquette throughout. Rash, aggressive behavior will not be receipted well and may escalate the situation.
      -  If you are unsure about anything, please ask a question before assuming it is okay to do.
      - Please don't PM/note individual admins for Bayfox-related inquires or concerns. Instead, please note the group or ask in the help channel in the Discord!
      -  Please don't mini-mod! Direct all concerns to our staff.
      - We expect our members to adhere to all rules established in this guideline.

1.4 CREDITING: You do not need to actively credit who the species is owned by. You can simply acknowledge the Bayfox group!
We do not own the concept of "water-bodied foxes" but we do own the species "Bayfoxes". Do not use our species name without permission.


2.1 ART FOCUS: This group's art focus is on Bayfoxes! Please do not submit non-Bayfoxes or unapproved Bayfoxes to the website.

2.2 MATURE CONTENT: Submitted artworks must be PG-13. Adult content, such as suggestive works, erotic, or pornographic artwork/writing, will be automatically declined and can face consequences. Sensitive or mature content (such as themes of gore or self harm) must be filtered properly or it will be declined.


3.1 TRANSFERRING BAYFOX-RELATED ARPG CONTENT: Bayfox currency, items, and companions may be freely exchanged for Bayfox-related content, Bayfox currency Seashells, artwork, existing designs, or non-Bayfox-related content. However, items and companions may NOT be exchanged or vouchered for real currency or dA points.

Sea Scales are the only items permittable for real currency resale if purchased with real currency, as long as proof of purchase is provided to the second hand buyer.

3.2 SEASHELL CURRENCY: Bayfox's main ARPG currency are called Seashells. Seashells can be earned from participating in the group and can be used for buying ARPG items and adoptables, and be exchanged to other users in return for goods and services.

Seashells do have a conversion rate of 1 shell = 2 dA points = $0.02 USD, however, this is only primarily used in the ARPG shop when buying items with points or real currency. Members may optionally use this conversion rate if they wish when pricing Bayfox seashell commissions or adopts made with an Adopt Pass.

Seashell currency does not translate to monetary resell value on a Bayfox.

3.3 COMMUNITY-MADE ADOPTABLES: General members are allowed to create adoptables, including customs. However, adoptables and customs intended to be made for profit require an Adopt Pass to be created.
Adopt Passes are required if you are creating a Bayfox in return for including but not limited to: real currency, dA points, Seashell currency, art, existing Bayfoxes, non-Bayfox designs, Bayfox ARPG items and content, merchandise, and vouchers. Adopt Passes can be purchased for Seashell currency at the in-game Shop.

By creating a Bayfox design, you are agreeing to put aside your own TOS rules as the Bayfox will adapt to the official Bayfox rules. Please refer to 4.2 CHARACTER OWNERSHIP for more details.
All designs must be approved at the MYO and Adopt Approval Center journal. Please keep in mind all designs are subject to changes, so don't discard your files before the official approval has been given!

      - TRAITS: Bayfox adoptable creation are the exact same as creating a free MYO. You can use common traits freely, and add rare and above traits with the appropriate items.
Cuisine Bayfoxes may not be created as paid adoptables. However, you can take paid Cuisine Bayfox customs with an Adopt Pass!

      - CUSTOMS: Customs must be submitted ONLY by the designer for approval at the MYO and Adopt Approval Center journal for approval. The user getting the Bayfox can't be the one who makes the approval comment, whether the custom be free or paid.

      - REDESIGN COMMISSIONS: A user can be commissioned to redesign a Bayfox, but this will require an Adopt Pass. Note the instructions on how to approve a commissioned redesigned Bayfox is a bit different from a normal custom. The redesigner comments in the "Redesigns" comment chain to approve the redesign, and specify that this is a paid custom. The owner of the Bay then must reply to the redesigner's comment with an acknowledgement (eg, "confirming"). All items used will come from the designer's bank.

      - BAYSUNE COMMISSIONS/CUSTOMS: The feral form of a Bayfox is the minimum required for approval, so adding a Baysune form is optional.

      - NO-PASS ADOPTS: Freebies (free adopts) and free customs can be created without an Adopt Pass only if you aren't obtaining anything for your own profit in return. The design will need to be approved in the "Adopts Approval" center.
            - Design Trades (Bayfox custom for Bayfox custom only) may be created without an Adopt Pass. The design will need to be approved in the "Adopts Approval" center.
            - You can take commissions or buy Baysune form commissions of existing Bay ocs without needing a pass.

3.4 CHEATING: Cheating in group activities is strictly prohibited. Such as using alt accounts to gain more rewards, using alt accounts to gain more entries in a free royalty event, etc.
Discovery of cheating will result in having ARPG rights being suspended. This includes but not limited to: making MYOs, earning items/currency, character transfers, discord privileges, participating in events, and participating in royalty (eg, free raffle) events.


4.1 CHARACTER CREATION: By creating a Bayfox design, you are agreeing to put aside your own design usage TOS rules as the Bayfox will adapt to the official Bayfox rules. This only applies to resell and transfer, and redesign rules.

All designs must be approved. Please keep in mind all designs are subject to changes, so don't discard your files before the official approval has been given! There is a guide for what is and isn't acceptable on approvable bayfox designs on another page! Visit our "Character Creation Guide" for more clear information!

Common trait MYOs may be made for free at any time. You can add rare and above traits with the appropriate items.

Baysune forms are optional at creation and can be designed at a later date. You may commission another user to create a Baysune design for your existing Bayfox OC. The other user does not need an Adopt Pass for this.

4.2 CHARACTER PERMISSIONS: The following permissions are given when you obtain a Bayfox design.
You may:
      - Change their name, personality, gender, story, sexuality, relationships, hairstyle, accessories, clothing- anything biography-related freely as you wish.
      - With appropriate ARPG items, you may upgrade traits or alter the Bayfox design you own.
      - You may participate in group events, prompts, quests, activities, and more with your Bayfox design.
      - You may upload your Bayfox to a character hosting website or other sites.
      - You may commission and make art, crafts, and other works freely featuring your Bayfox.*
      - You may make a non-Bayfox version of your Bayfox.
      - You may trade and gift your Bayfox freely. You may resell your Bayfox only if applicable.
      - You may void your Bayfox at any given time through the appropriate measures. (refer to 4.10 CHARACTER VOIDING)
*While we cannot control what you obtain of your Bayfox, we ask that all legal adults refrain from obtaining or sharing 18+ content, whether it be feral or Baysune. Keep ANYTHING suggestive and 18+ private and to yourself only. If we discover 18+ NSFW content accessible to minors, IS obtained by a minor, or contains anything mentioned in 5.9 ILLEGAL CONTENT, the owner and artist will be held liable and subject to consequences.

You may not:
      - Claim the design as your own or maliciously omit credit.
      - Resell the design for higher than what is listed on the Masterlist entry
      - Use the Bayfox design commercially. (in the manner of mass selling prints, etc)
      - Apply your own rules to the design that inhibits any of the allowed things listed above in the "allowed" list. (For example, forbidding the new owner to be able to change sexuality or accessories)

4.2.1 UPDATING CHARACTER OWNERSHIP: By obtaining a Bayfox, you agree to be responsible in updating the Masterlist entry of a Bayfox when you rehome them to a different user.

4.3 CHARACTER MASTERLIST HOSTING: By creating a Bayfox design, you are allowing us to host your artwork on the site's Masterlist. All ownership changes, updates, and more will rely on the Masterlist entry.

4.4 CHARACTER LEGIBILITY: Please be sure to check a Bayfox's Masterlist before making a trade or purchasing them for information such as the current owner, max resale value, and the fact it is a recognized official Bayfox. We will take action if a scam occurs, whether involving Bayfoxes who are or are not registered on the Masterlist, but we cannot guarantee compensation. It is your responsibility to check the legitimacy of a Bayfox design before agreeing to a trade.

4.5 CHARACTER SALE RULES: Every Bayfox has transfer permissions listed on their Masterlist entries. It is usually depicted as "Transfer Permissions: Resale ✓ $0.00 | Trade ✓ | Gift ✓"
      A "✓" next to a criteria means the Bayfox is eligible to be transferred in this manner.
      A "✗" next to a criteria means the Bayfox cannot be transferred in this manner.
Please be careful not to mix up "Origin" as resale value. Origin simply records the origin of the Bayfox and its original price. This original price does NOT affect the Bayfox's active resale value.

      - RESELL ELIGIBILITY: Bayfoxes may only be resold at maximum of what is listed next to "Resale" in Transfer Permissions. If a Bayfox cannot be resold, then they cannot be vouchered (or three-way-trades involving money). Refer to 4.6 APPRAISALS to see how to raise the listed value.
      - TRADE ELIGIBILITY: Bayfoxes may be traded for things such as art, characters, customs, or other goods. No money exchange, direct or indirect, should be involved.
      - GIFT ELIGIBILITY: All Bayfoxes are allowed to be gifted to other users. A Bayfox may be gifted to another user before the one week cooldown is up, and it resets once it is passed onto the new owner.

Bayfoxes have a one week cooldown after each ownership transfer. They may not be transferred to another user until the cooldown has passed.

Resale value will change depending on how much is paid for by the new owner. Bayfoxes obtained through Trade or Gift will have their resale value set to $0.00. All free MYOs have a resale value of $0.00.

The only subspecies of Bayfox, Glass Bayfoxes, are the only Bayfoxes who canot be resold as Glass Bays are only obtainable through free events.
Glass Bays may be appraised to be eligible for a voucher (or three-way-trades involving money) as long as you are not directly receiving the money yourself.

4.6 APPRAISALS: Bayfoxes may have their max monetary resale value raised through appraisals. We simply require seeing the artwork exists, some proof of prices, and a proposed final price to complete an appraisal. You may do an appraisal at any given time, and may do appraisals on the same Bayfox more than once, but please don't spam.

Appraisal conditions:
      - Commissions and QUALITY personal art can be factored! Use the price you paid for the art and your own personal commission prices.
      - Art received as a trade, payment, gift, for free, from requests cannot be factored. Art the previous owner or DTAs accumulated can't be factored.
      - Artwork that looks hastily made for the suspected reason of scalping may be declined.
     - Loopholing can cause the Bay to completely lose resale eligibility.

If you wish to withhold your art from the new owner (ex: old ship art) that's okay, except the piece of art can't be used in appraisal. The purchaser shouldn't have to pay extra for something they aren't going to get!

As for seashell resales, it will remain in the same honor system as prior to official appraisals. You are free to choose to resell your Bayfox for any amount in seashells for the value of their additional artwork.
    - When resold in shells, the ML entry will be updated accordingly to the amount given in "method of transfer."
    - Do keep in mind, the seashell value doesn't translate to the usd/point equivalent.
    - If we do discover scams, we will be able to reverse the transaction and reimburse shells. We cannot do the same with points/USD.
     - Loopholing can cause the Bay to completely lose resale eligibility.

Submit an appraisal here:

4.9 CHARACTER CO-OWNERSHIP: Co-ownership is no longer recognized. You may co-own, but it will not grant any special bonuses or permissions, and we will not get involved in any conflicts that may arise.

4.10 CHARACTER REVOKING: In no way or manner will we revoke characters from their owners at any given time with or without notice, regardless if a user has been banned or not. The only instance is if a scam is involved, then the character will be given to the rightful owner.

Please do not revoke characters you no longer own.

4.11 CHARACTER VOIDING: Members may void and remove their character from the Bayfox name at any given time they choose under their ownership.
Voiding for the sole purpose of resale with no additional art value will be considered scalping and an attempt to loophole. PLEASE be genuine about voiding or we will decline the request and possibly take further action against the violation against our scalping policy.
Voided Bayfoxes will be removed from the site and their Masterlist number will be replaced by a newly registered bay.
There will be a one month cooldown after a bay is voided, after which members will be able to resubmit a Voided Bayfox to the Masterlist through the Masterlist Registration Journal.

      - Please refer to this journal for more details:



5.1 BAN ETIQUETTE: Depending on the severity of a given situation, intent, or content can result in different ban types. The types of bans include warnings, suspensions, and bans. The length of time of a ban can vary.

      - Warnings: Simple heads up from a moderator asking a user to discontinue an offending behavior. This is not a suspension or a ban and won't impede your ability to participate in the group. If repeated warnings need to be given, you may be suspended from participating in the group or Discord server.

      - Suspensions: Suspended members are not permitted to participate in group activities, access the Discord for a certain amount of time, or until the persisting issue is resolved. In other terms, take these as "temporary" bans. Bayfoxes owned by suspended members will not be voided.

      - Permanent Bans: Members are not allowed to participate in the group, return to the group, or be affiliated with the species in any way. All Bayfoxes the offending user owns will be voided from the species.

Banned members will have their names listed in a publicly accessible document with a short description of the infractions done. Members with warnings or suspensions will not be disclosed to the public.

5.2 WARNING, SUSPENSION, AND BAN NOTIFICATION: Notifications will be delivered privately either through Discord, DeviantArt notes, or Site Email.

5.3 BAN FORGIVENESS: We believe people have the ability to change with time, understanding, and appropriate discipline. Suspensions and bans may be lifted in due time if no repeating offending behaviors reoccur. However, bans that were given due to anything involved in 5.9 Illegal Content have no ban forgiveness.

5.4 REPORTING AN OFFENDER: In the case there is a user who is violating on our etiquette or general rules within the group, cease interacting with them immediately and submit a private report to the group or an available admin or moderator. State the situation clearly, what had occurred, and provide as much proof as possible to support your statements. Action will be taken as necessary to suspend or ban.

5.5 PRIVACY: Admins and mods disclose information among each other regarding situations or information reported to them to create the best resolution while preventing any possible bias. You can request for your identity to remain private, but besides remaining anon, anything you share will be shared among the moderators.

Any information provided to a mod will not be exposed or disclosed to the general public, unless given consent for or if it's threatening enough to warrant a PSA (eg, p//dophile, doxxing threat, etc.)

5.6 SPAMMING/TROLLING: May result in temporary suspensions or a permanent ban from the group and website.

5.7 SCALPING/SCAMMING: Any scalping or scamming behavior, Bayfox related or not, is absolutely NOT be tolerated and can be a offense that results in a permanent ban.

5.8 DESIGN THEFT: We absolutely DO NOT tolerate design theft of any sort. We do not intend to create or approve stolen designs. In the case design theft has slipped under the radar and you have noticed, you please contact the group privately to report the similar designs.

When reporting character theft, please provide as much evidence as possible. You must note ALL alike markings and colors that are near-exact, any history (with evidence), and anything else applicable to the case. If there is not enough evidence, the designs in question will be ruled as too "general" to be judged. Heavily referenced CBCs (character derived characters) or extremely simple designs (such as solid-colored bodies without any significant markings) cannot be turned in for this process because there is way too little to be able to judge.

If the designs are deemed too similar and the Bayfox design is the offending design, the offending design will be voided and be requested to be deleted. Any affected parties that may have been scammed without their knowledge will receive some compensation, for example trait items to create a new MYO.
If an outside design is the offending design, the design's owner will be contacted regarding the issue. If this is met with aggression, they will be banned from the group. We can only moderate very little of non-Bayfox designs, so try to contact DeviantArt staff, or any site admins the stolen design is hosted on, to get the offending design taken down.

To the offender, a first offence will result in a warning and may have certain permissions within the group suspended. A second offence will result in a ban.

5.9 ILLEGAL CONTENT: Notations of any of the following on a user's DeviantArt and/or Site account WILL result in an AUTOMATIC permanent ban: active plagiarism, active art/oc theft, racism, bigotry, hate crimes, pedophilia or grooming of minors (including fetishistic terms such as l*licon, etc), necrophilia, non-consensual acts, bestiality, doxxing, IRL gore, sending death threats, stalking, and harassment. DeviantArt staff and authorities will be notified depending on the severity.

5.11 BLOCK EVADING: Creating new accounts or using alternate accounts to evade a suspension or ban will result in a permanent ban with no ban forgiveness opportunity.


We will do our best to remain transparent, as Bayfoxes are in beta so things about the game and species may change over time and events. We reserve the right to update or alter these rules at any time.