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The homepage for all prompts released in Questing!


  1. All characters featured in questing prompts must be on the Bayfox Masterlist. You are welcome to use regular bayfoxes, baykits, and baysunes, so long as they are officially on the masterlist.
    1. For this portion, please do not include any characters that are not Bayfoxes, as the prompts pertain to the storylines. You can use any official bayfox so long as they are a mascot, under your ownership, or you have permission to draw them!
  2. Every prompt will have different requirements, so be sure to pay close attention of what is being asked of you. 
    1. You do not have to go in any sort of order for prompts! If there are one or two that feel too much for you, or you simply aren't interested in, you have no obligation to complete it.
    2. If the requirements are not met, the prompt will be rejected and you will not recieve the rewards until a new submission is created containing the correct necessities.
    3. On the flip side, doing more than what is required will not result in additional Questing rewards. Everything is pre-planned, and the rewards are determined based on what we are looking for.
  3. Art Prompt submissions will not grant Seashells outside of what may be included in the specific prompt rewards, and will need to be submitted to Art Redeeming. 


released prompts

Schnelly's Dilemma

1.) Pale of Pebbles
-Draw your bay scavenging through the pebbles to find a missing piece of the ship wheel. Colored fullbody mandatory, no shading or background necessary.

-Rewards: Odd scale x02, potions of choice x02, 300 shells. Potions do not include Mermaid or Halloween.

2.) Coming soon!

Submission Form

Submit your artwork under the Questing category!


Storyline- Simply list which storyline this prompt falls under. Ex- "Schnelly's Dilemma"
Prompt- Write the name of the prompt you completed here.
Chosen Rewards- This may not be applicable for every prompt, prompts will list if there is one to choose. If you have no preference, please specify instead of leaving blank.

You will link the art in the URL section as per usual, and attach Bayfoxes by their masterlist.

Flat Form

Chosen Rewards-

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