Privacy Policy

Put simply, Bayfoxes will never deliberately distribute/sell your personal data collected by our website to others, and we do not currently employ advertising methods such as on-site advertisements or third-party cookies.

We are an open community of artists and creatives, not a business. While we allow our community members to work as freelancers and invoke business transactions within our community with Bayfox-related content (designs and artwork), we ourselves are in no way a business, legally or otherwise, and make no second-hand profit based on these transactions. The community is run by volunteers, many of which are minors. We are not liable for any scammers who may attempt to abuse this, but are constantly taking steps to keep our users protected to the best of our ability.



1. The Data You Provide When Making Your Account.

This includes:

  • Your username and password. We ourselves cannot view your password, as it is automatically encrypted to prevent us from doing so; however, the data is stored by the site and, like any website, this could be exploited by a malicious user. For more information on how we keep your data safe, please view the “How We Protect Your Data” section.
  • Your email address
  • Your DeviantArt account (when it is linked to your account, as this is provided after registration to access some of our site)


2. Personal Information You Choose to Provide

Please be mindful that any information you choose to expose about yourself is also present on the site (and public), and always enact basic internet safety rules when posting. In the event a user compromises their own safety through the oversharing of their own information, it may be removed to prevent doxxing. 


3. Your Site Activity.

We also track some of your activity on the site using logs (all of which can be seen by the user in question themself)  to make sure all users are complying with our rules and to keep track of content that has been posted.



Your information is used simply to maintain your account on the website and allow you access to it, and will never be deliberately shared or distributed. In the event you’d no longer like your information stored on the site, it is possible for your account to be deleted. Please contact the System Administrator if you’d like to do so.

The few cookies our site utilizes are simply to secure/encrypt and store your login session (how long these run depends on whether or not you choose for your login to be remembered when signing in or not), and none are suspicious or third-party cookies designed to track/sell your data.



We have taken measures to protect your data to the best of our ability! However, as with any site, is potentially at risk of a data breach.

While not required, we recommend: 

  1. Using a unique password for the site so as to not link your data to any of your other accounts, even if it is just a minor change.
  2. Enabling Two Factor Authentication (Google)(Outlook) on the email associated with your Bayfox Cove account, as this is currently one of the most effective ways to prevent account breaches.

Users who have met these standards would be well-equipped in the event of a data breach.



While Bayfoxes are a concept owned by us, the species, a large part of the site is the display of individual artists’ artwork and designs. Bayfoxes is dedicated to protecting the copyright and authenticity of users’ work by:

  • Watermarking all art/designs uploaded to the Masterlist with the species’s watermark.
  • Properly crediting both the designer and the artist (using their site account or an external social media) of the characters/images posted to the Masterlist.
  • Protecting your ownership of your approved Bayfoxes, even if you leave the species or are banned from it. Instead of revoking the rights to use created Bayfoxes of banned/departing users, the foxes are simply voided from the species and are no longer considered official Bayfoxes, but are still free for use.


Most of your data can be modified on your own from your account’s settings page!

This includes your email and your password, and we will not be notified when you do so. You will have to reverify your email upon changing it.

Your username or DeviantArt alias can also be changed/reset by the System Administrator, so please get into contact to request a change.

We reserve the right to update our Privacy Policy at any time.

Any updates will be expressed openly and clearly to all users immediately upon the update so that they may be aware of the changes made and how their data is being used.