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Roxxanimates68plus1 Avatar

How do i submit a pet design for approval? Cause i have no clue how to use a pet box-

2021-06-04 09:43:13

Bumaro Avatar

Hey! You can submit pet designs for approval here-
the information on how to use the pet box and pet treats is found here:

2021-06-09 15:17:17

reixnii Avatar

hi, not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere else or not but can bayfoxes be drawn as anthros or kemonomimi? thank you!

2021-05-18 20:16:46

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

Yes they can!

2021-05-18 22:33:25

saturallo Avatar

hi! i'm currently working on designing a cuisine bay. if i add the food trait to them, can the food be inside the water, or only on the fur? thank you!

2021-05-12 16:04:39

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

Food can be in water!

2021-05-12 19:01:16

saturallo Avatar

thank you!!

2021-05-12 19:01:52

comet-strike-art Avatar

Hi! I have this bay listed as mine but they were actually traded to Cyph on th a while ago! I'm not sure how to get them changed on the masterlist though?

2021-05-05 23:27:18

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

There should be a "transfer" button at the bottom of their ML, but I'll go ahead and transfer to them manually while I'm here!

2021-05-10 10:46:55

theunav0idable Avatar

hello! I was wondering if I could have this lad be transferred to me since it seems the og owner didn't have an account
he's been traded around a few times but now belongs to me! here's the proof

2021-04-08 19:08:04

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

I assume he's been transferred, but I apologize for the lack of response!

2021-05-10 10:45:56

theunav0idable Avatar

Its ok! I kinda forgot about this ngl but thank you so much!

2021-05-15 17:35:03

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