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ArtistsArcus Avatar

how do i get EC coins? <3

2021-08-15 05:15:56

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

Participating in the monthly prompt or any ongoing events is the best option!

2021-08-15 09:02:16

Lemon_Spook Avatar

Hi! It’s my first time owning a bay, I just got it today, but it doesn’t seem to have a ml entry yet. It has proof of approval on its th, but I’m unsure of what to do? I’m new to this species, I didn’t even know the oc WAS a species until a bit ago

2021-08-02 10:08:29

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

Send it to !

2021-08-15 09:00:13


hey! first off apologies if anything in my message is broken or janky, i just made an acc to ask this question since i recently regained interest in the species and wanted to fix this, anyways: 2 years ago, i created two bayfoxes: casper and amy. i traded both of these bays away a few months ago before i was made aware of the ML and such, and so they're both currently not in my ownership and also not on the ML. to make things more difficult, the person who i traded amy away to has had their toyhouse account terminated and so i'm not even sure of her status. casper's toyhouse page can be found here, while amy's previous page can be found here. i am unable to log into my old deviantart account but i am able to provide WIP pictures of images on that account if it is required.

2021-07-30 00:57:44

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

You shouldn't have to worry about it honestly; if the new owner decides to register them to ML then it is their own decision and not yours! Older generation bays aren't required to be registered unless the owner decides to participate in the ARPG so (again, wouldn't worry about it too much as if they need the proof that's for them to search for now and not you-- but I guess you do have it if they come in need of it ever!)

2021-07-30 18:44:12


alright! thank you for the answer, was just kinda worried about how this would affect me w/the species going forward.

2021-07-31 05:41:15

wormfry Avatar

hey! so basically i now own ( but im not sure if the person thats currently marked as the owner on the masterlist is still active here? is there anyway to have them marked as owned by me on the ml?

2021-07-20 22:23:58

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member


2021-07-30 18:40:26

wormfry Avatar


2021-07-31 14:24:11

saturallo Avatar

hi! i’m sure this is said somewhere but i can’t find it; if i draw/write something for a prompt (monthly prompt, mermay, etc.) can i also submit it for shells?

2021-06-06 16:22:48

Bumaro Avatar

Hey! You can redeem writing pieces for shells as well! The shell values are as follows (taken from the currency guide, you can check in there under "static values: writing" if you ever need to in the future!) :
For every 100 words, you will earn 25 seashells.

2021-06-09 15:19:04

saturallo Avatar

i’m aware! i was just wondering if i can submit something for a prompt, can i also submit it for art redeeming?

2021-06-09 16:22:36 (Edited 2021-06-09 16:53:13)

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