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LightWind Avatar

It's been a while since I got on my Bayfox account. I remember getting some gold coins, 20 of them, from a mermay event in 2020. I thought maybe they never transferred but after looking at my notifications I noticed they were removed. I'm curious why they were removed? Can you only hold/have them for a limited time? Do they not exist anymore??

2021-10-22 17:44:57 (Edited 2021-10-22 18:06:31)

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

Gold coins were scrapped along with a variety of other items due to site capabilities and the scrapping of the beta "craft" mechanic. Since you were late to the window where to be scrapped items were redeemed for other things, I could exchange them for our "event coin" currency we currently have instead? Do you have the comment confirming obtaining those coins?

2021-11-14 08:19:09

LightWind Avatar

Oh! Ok, thank you for letting me know! I would love to exchanged them if I could ^^
It's been a while since I did stuff with any of the Bayfoxes I guess I actually got them in a Bayloween event in 2019 (my bad) ^^; This is the comment

2021-11-14 11:49:05

OwlPaints Avatar

Hello! I was wondering about the old seashells I had from back in 2018? I was interested in getting back into the species now and I have my old tracker still in tact and was wondering if I could get them added to my account or if they would be invalid by now? If they can't be added, no worries, I understand!

2021-10-22 12:07:23

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

oh my gosh thats so old, but of course! Let me grant those to you

2021-11-14 08:15:24

AtsukoClover Avatar

How long does it normally take for a Myo desgin to get approved?

2021-08-22 06:24:52

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

Can vary, usually you shouldn't have to wait more than 2 weeks!

2021-11-14 08:14:50

Pumpkiigutz Avatar

Hi there! I was wondering if this species is still semi-open? I made a bayfox a while back (Around a year and a half ago) and I never got them approved or anything, they just kinda sat in my files. If they are still semi-open, would I be able to upload my bayfox or do I need to get them approved first? Sorry, I'm still kinda new to species stuff ^^"

Thank you <3

2021-08-20 08:00:09

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

very late but yes! Bayfoxes are still free to make! But you'll need to get them approved over at

2021-11-14 08:13:45 (Edited 2021-11-14 08:14:29)

Starry-Storm Avatar

I haven’t been in here in forever, but I’d like to get rid of this (still unregistered) bayfox. How should I go about doing that? I don’t care about getting anything in return, I just want to clear out my toyhouse!

2021-08-16 15:59:09

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

You can always advertise them as free on toyhouse. If you're looking to get rid of them quickly you can always give them away as a first-come-first-serve "freebie" in our server!

2021-08-16 20:48:25

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