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Orchiddox Avatar

Okay, just here for some confusion. Am I allowed to make a bay fox with any type of horns and tails? because when looking at a few it's not clear as when I click on the blue highlight it out leads me to another page just with what I presumes are other users. I don't know what I am doing and I just don't want to step on any toes.

2023-04-09 15:53:26

vampycat237 Avatar
vampycat237 Staff Member

Apologies for the late reply!
Short answer: Yes, but some traits require items to use! You may need shells (from art redeeming), event coins (from monthly prompts or events), or to trade with other users to acquire these items!

Long answer: Any Common rarity traits do not require any items.
Traits of higher rarities (Rare, Legendary, Special) simply require the related item which you can get by purchasing from the Shoal Shack for shells or trading with other users.
Restricted traits require an Odd Sea Scale, which aren't sold in shops but can be traded for with other users and such.
Effect Potion Traits are a little trickier, and require a specific Effect Potion indicated by their rarity. Effect Potions can be acquired from the Strange Merchant for shells or Prize Corner for event coins (which you get from doing monthly prompts mostly!)
All of these items also have varying chances to be dropped by certain companions when you redeem art with them as well!

Hopefully that makes sense? Please feel free to ask me to clarify anything you are still confused about!

2023-05-14 12:20:04

Kakiranne Avatar

How does one void a bayfox? I have some i'd like to void.

2023-04-05 15:53:22

vampycat237 Avatar
vampycat237 Staff Member

Apologies for the late reply! Voiding is handled in the linked comment chain:

2023-05-14 12:09:54

Vizluvix Avatar

hello! i was wondering if bayfoxes who were created by former members are voided? i have one that was created by someone who isn't a part of the species anymore, but the oc is still a bayfox. would he be voided? /genq here's the oc if needed . i was in this species before but it's been about 3 years, so i'm not too sure if any of my bayfoxes are counted as them anymore lol, sorry if any of this is confusing!

2023-03-07 10:56:41

Teafel Avatar

Hello, I would like to have my account deleted, I believe im supposed to contact system administrator to do this, however I wasn’t sure if I am supposed to contact them directly. If there is a way for me to do it myself I’d be happy to do so! Thanks so much:)

2023-02-26 19:50:13

breakout24 Avatar

Hello, now that I’m returning to activity in closed species I’m realizing that two of my Bays are not on my account. I received both in trades several months (possibly years, I’ve lost track of time) ago and just wanted to check whether or not they have Masterlist entries The previous owner told me they had the proofs of ownership and was going to put him on the Masterlist but never got back to me whether or not they did. I believe this was around the time of the site first being released I never checked whether or not he had a Masterlist. I believe the previous owner may have been a former mod leaving the species but I can’t be certain. It’s entirely possible he was voided before my obtaining him but I don’t know

2022-12-10 11:44:31

Bumaro Avatar

Hi! I couldn't find either of them on the masterlist so it is possible they do not have entries. To get these bays onto your account, fill out and comment the required info on the masterlist registration chain (link below)! If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

2023-02-02 09:50:40

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