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ChristianCupcake Avatar

I never got any ECs f th om the Pokemon prompt even though I submitted something for it. Do you think something could still be done about it?

2021-03-04 18:06:20

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

Yes! Show me the prompt # and I'll correct the error if it's still present!

2021-03-12 16:03:12

lanicore Avatar

hello!! i have lots of bays that have not been uploaded (as i just joined today!)
please lmk who i should contact !! ~

2021-02-14 13:32:19

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

Register them here!

2021-02-21 12:14:29

KayBob Avatar

How do I submit my bays to add them to the masterlist?

2021-02-06 13:54:30

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

There is a masterlist registration page!

2021-02-21 12:14:19

KayBob Avatar

How do I change ownership of a character? I got B-0114 from the freebie chain on discord awhile back and I wanted to add her to my owned characters. That’s her Toyhouse where I am listed as the owner.

2021-02-06 13:47:15

roxas Avatar
roxas Staff Member

There should be a transfer option, if it doesn't work let me know and I'll manually do it!

2021-02-21 12:13:58

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