Lovey Dovey update is likely on its way with new additions! Previous couples awaiting the process will have to be resubmitted, but the art can be reused, due to the possibility of some partners being voided. Baykits now have their own masterlist and are therefore able to be added to our Masterlist Registration!


  • Halloween Trait Candy will become a limited time effect potion similar to the mermaid potion. Pets who still have the chance of rolling the effect potion will continue to have this, though there will not be a pockat element specific to rolling the potions.
  • Color changing water and fur will soon become a part of the chameleon potion, more information will be released on this later.
  • Two new effect potions will take to the skies! This information will also be released later on.
  • Oddscales will be able to grant restricted traits as well as any other trait in existence, such as effect potion traits, to accomodate possible trait rarities changing.
  • New shops and currency are planned to be established as an add on for participating in later events.
  • Pockats of every element as of current have been established and uploaded.
  • A large chunk of pets (nearly 100) have been properly replaced, an exception of two which are in the works, thanks to the help of my mods to assisting me in this effort! New pets will also be coming for an upcoming february event and an eventual coming of spring event!
  • Last call to use spooky trinkets! These will likely be scrapped going forward
  • Many old items, such as scrap items, will be (no pun intended) scrapped. This is due to a lack of a proper crafting system- these will likely have a place similar to last November where they can be turned in!
  • Shell redemption rates are expected to be reworked.

Thank you all for your diligence and patience with us in these times, it has certainly not been easy, but It's definitely all coming along well and it would not have been possible without your enthusiasm and support!


  • The first wave of Pockats are now being released, as well as new sprites for Potions, the "Boofs", and the Full Course Meal!
  • Fubsy is our new site dev! Be sure to thank her for her hard work. She's enabled new features such as comments on profiles and other pages, as well as additional behind-the-scenes options we can use to bring more features to the site!
  • Keep an eye out for the next big things set to come ;)



  • Sneebies, Dorbs, and Beans are now retired. Please do not use these related companions any further within this group. They will be replaced with new companions!
  • Other companions and items will be receiving new art in the future. Please do not continue using Strabi's art and/or unreleased concepts for the site, besides masterlist entries and custom companions!


  • Creation of an on-site changelog!
  • Directory page has been updated to reflect some added and to-be-added links.
  • The DeviantArt Masterlist is now officially discontinued. Updates must be done on the site in order to be recognized!
    • "No site Masterlist?" has been corrected to "Having trouble attaching a site Masterlist?" in applicable places to reflect the full retirement of the DeviantArt Masterlist.
  • sumeii has stepped down from the team to focus on personal goals. please thank her for her work and bid her a bright future!
  • Treasure Trove Quest is now re-open on the site and may be submitted to.
    • In relation, a Treasure Trove prompt submission has been created.
  • Scrap Hoard, a temporary shop, is now open!


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