[EVENT] Bayloween 2022


The woods are unfamiliar, and the lands are unknown. The paths are tangled and split, and you are stuck through a maze of sorts with nothing but a put-together costume. 
It appears unknown to you, though both paths lead to the same clearing. 
A carnival?
It appeared to be backed by two strange individuals.

[Click the silhouettes! They will link to the mysterious individuals' masterlists.]

Welcome to Bayloween 2022!

Bayloween is a yearly Autumnal festival that is hosted every October themed after the holiday of Halloween!
We hope you are able to hang around for the fun that will come this year!

Throughout the month, there will be many new opportunities for fun that arise. New activities will reveal themselves throughout the course of the event, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

But first, let's get started on participation!


  1. The eight art prompts are an optional but additional bonus to this event! Through each submission, you will earn special rewards, including Event Coins, which you can use to purchase items once the shop opens later in the month!
  2. Feral, anthro, Baykit, and Baysune Bayfoxes are all accepted for these prompts as long as the bayfox has a masterlist to be attached within each submission! Be sure to ask for permission before drawing a bayfox that isn't yours or a mascot, however!
  3. Both art and writing submissions are allowed. Art can be digital or traditional. All entries must be kept SFW with the exception of gore on some prompts. Collabs will not be accepted.
  4. All art submissions must at LEAST be one colored fullbody. Extra shading and backgrounds are optional as long as the prompt is still clear. Writing submissions must include at least one "main character" and be at least 500 words long.
  5. Prompts can be completed more than once and in any order! Prompts will give rewards individually, so you do not need to complete every prompt to get rewards, and can work with whichever prompts you enjoy most. You cannot "fuse" prompts to earn multiple rewards for one piece.
  6. You do not have to stick with one set of prompts, the division between "trick" and "trick" prompts is entirely aesthetic!
  7. Please only pick one prompt per submission, and only submit one prompt at a time. Do not assign multiple prompts to one entry.
  8. Artistic interpretation and creative liberty for prompts is encouraged, as long as it still relates to the theme in some way! Relation to the theme is relatively lax, so have fun!
  9. ONLY EC and any additional prompt-related rewards will be redeemed when prompt submissions are made. If you wish to earn shells for your artwork as well, please submit it separately to Art Redeeming! 
  10. All work must be new and original and include your noticeable effort. Any artwork using bases or backgrounds not your own will be declined. 


In order to have access to the rest of the event, an entry prompt is required. Approval of this prompt will grant you with the Bayloween - 2022 ribbon which you can proudly display on your profile and also allow you access to the larger half of this event!
*Unlike other prompts, this prompt can only be completed once. Additional drawings of Bayfoxes in a costume can still count under the 'Trick or Treat' prompt from the additional prompt list.

ENTRY PROMPT: Draw your bayfox in their Halloween costume! 
Depict your bayfox in their Halloween costume! As long as this accessory or outfit is new and not included in their masterlist reference it will count!

REWARD: 5 EC + Bayloween - 2022 Ribbon



You have the option to enter your Bayloween entry prompt into a costume raffle! The rules here are simple, just submit the drawing of your entry prompt to the google form attached below alongside the form filled!
The chance of winning is entirely random, and decided by RNG!


+1 Halloween Pockat
+6,666 shells
+6 Random Halloween Companions
+6 Halloween Potions
+20 EC



As you sneak into the carnival, two strange faces reveal each other. While neither discloses their true identities, they offer you a simple task. 
To experience the true sides of Halloween, both the festive and the freaky.

Eight Cards are passed your way, each requesting a different task on its backside.






Are you in for a scare?
[NOTE: All prompts accept body horror / extreme gore]


Or perhaps you would prefer some delightful festivities?
[NOTE: prompts accept mild blood, but no intense gore]

PROMPT 1: "Fantastical Fears"
Depict your bayfox challenged by their fears. Are they scared of the dark? Or is their fear more abstract in nature?

PROMPT 5: "Trick Or Treat"
Show your bayfox partaking in trick or treating! One of the most exciting practices of the Halloween month! What does their costume look like? Are they having fun?

PROMPT 2: "Willful Wandering"
Your bayfox has gotten lost! Are they scared? Will they find their way out? Or perhaps they already have the things necessary to carve their way out? Are they trapped within a forest of flora, or have they wandered into abandoned architecture? Did their path intertwine with a complete stranger along the way?

PROMPT 6: "Carnival Crash"
Depict your bayfox participating in some sort of game-activities related to Halloween! Did they attend a themed festival? Or perhaps they hosted a local game-party? As long as they're having fun, that's what matters!

PROMPT 3: "Monster Mash"
Depict your bayfox encountering a strange monster (Other bayfoxes, as well as popular cryptids, are all both allowed!) of your choosing! Do they flee its grasp? Or do they do the opposite and make a new friend? Or was it just all an elaborate prank set up by another bayfox?

PROMPT 7: "Decorative Festivities"
Depict your bayfox exploring their Halloween spirit! Do they prefer to decorate their living space? Or do they prefer to work with crafts more easily cleaned up? There are endless ways to express the spirit!

PROMPT 4: "Neverending Nightmare"
Your bayfox has found themself in a tough and dangerous situation! Are they able to fight their way out from the torment, or are they forced to accept failure? 

PROMPT 8: "Party Plaza"
Show your bayfox attending a Halloween party! Have they attended a masquerade? A simple costume party? Or some other form of celebration? Was it enjoyable, or less so?


You can earn a flat rate of 5 EC for every art submission that is submitted. Additionally, each prompt submission will reward with one mimic lootbox! Finish (backgrounds or shading, etc) can reward you with bonus EC! 
For writing prompts, 500 words will grant you the basic 5 EC, for every 100 words after that you will earn an extra 1 EC. So if you write 2000 words, you can receive 20EC.

The rewards stack, and the more you complete, the more unique rewards you will receive! These prompts are NOT related to the entry prompt, meaning you will have to draw 8 unique prompts for the prompt list specifically. [9 artwork prompts total including the costume entry prompt]
These rewards are stacked on top of the default 5 EC + 1 mimic earned per each prompt.

  • 1 Submission: 1 Halloween potion 1 bonus large mimic
  • 3 Submissions: 500 seashells + 1 bonus large mimic
  • 4 Submissions: 2 Halloween companions + 1 bonus large mimic 
  • 5 Submissions: 10 EC + 2 bonus large mimics 
  • 6 Submissions: 2 bonus large mimics
  • 7 Submissions: 1000 seashells + 2 bonus large mimics 
  • 8 submissions: Halloween Pockat and 4 bonus large mimics 



Mimics are the loot box feature exclusive to Bayloween 2022! These creatures have a rare chance of dropping additional loot boxes, some of which are rare enough to yield incredibly exclusive rewards such as various unlimited MYO slots! When opened, they also have a rare chance of dropping themselves, which can be attached to Bayfoxes like any other normal companion!



Like past events, there is a new Questionaire for this event! Earn some EC and Companions by submitting in-character responses with your own Bayfoxes in a Bayloween Questionaire! All rules will be attached to the link below- be sure to read through them carefully! This is a fun way to explore the perspective of your Bayfoxes, and their unique attributes and background!



Just like last year, the mod team has worked together to being back our yearly tradition of Trick or Treating booths!

For the second half of the month (October 15th-October 31st) the moderation team will be running trick or treating booths for you to claim a Large Mimic lootbox reward!
If you remember how this works from past years, you should be good to go! But if you don't, It's rather simple! On the day a booth is open, simply reply to the open comment stating you're claiming with either a basic claim comment or an additional roleplay dialogue. ("Trick or Treat" or a simple "Claim" both work as basic responses!)
You're free to reply with additional, roleplay dialogue- in fact, doing so has a chance to yield an bonus lootbox reward! After 24 hours have passed, the comments of the day will close, and open the comments on the booths for the next day. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as more booths open within the next few days!


These booths are open on: October 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th, 30th, and 31st.

These booths are open on: October 16th, 19th, 22nd, 25th, 28th, 31st

These booths are open on: October 17th, 20th, 23nd, 26th, 29th, 31st


Shifty Shop

A strange shopkeeper of an unknown origin has arrived at the carnival. They appear to be selling a variety of tickets that can be redeemed for different rewards! Visit the shop through the image or here!

Please, only partake in the shop if you have participated in the event as well! Click the shop to visit it!



As always, the Bayfox Cove Discord will be open and hosting additional activities where you can get even more prizes, such as claimables, quizzes, or scavenger hunts!