[EVENT] Baycember 2022


Past the mountains and through the trees, there is a sea of lights rejoicing in the festivities. The winter solstice is upon us. While the weather is sometimes cold, hearts stay warm.

Welcome to BayCEMBER 2022!

Baycember is the yearly winter event hosted throughout the month of December. Following the path of Bayloween, this event offers a similar list of prompts to participate in as well as a daily reward event!

But first, let's get started on participation!



  1. The five art prompts are an optional but additional bonus to this event! Only one is mandatory to be submitted for participation. You can submit a total of 10 prompts to this event, but stop receiving additional bonus tiers after five.
  2. Feral, anthro, Baykit, and Baysune Bayfoxes are all accepted for these prompts as long as the bayfox has a masterlist to be attached within each submission! Be sure to ask for permission before drawing a bayfox that isn't yours or a mascot, however!
  3. Both art and writing submissions are allowed. Art can be digital or traditional. All entries must be kept SFW
  4. All art submissions must at LEAST be one colored fullbody. Coloring must be clean, while slightly sketchy but still relatively cleaner art may be accepted. Work that is not clean due to a perceived lack of effort may be declined. Extra shading and backgrounds are optional as long as the prompt is still clear. Writing submissions must include at least one "main character" and be at least 500 words long.
  5. Prompts can be completed more than once and in any order! Prompts will give rewards individually, so you do not need to complete every prompt to get rewards, and can work with whichever prompts you enjoy most. You cannot "fuse" prompts to earn multiple rewards for one piece.
  6. Please only pick one prompt per submission, and only submit one prompt at a time. Do not assign multiple prompts to one entry.
  7. Artistic interpretation and creative liberty for prompts is encouraged, as long as it still relates to the theme in some way! Relation to the theme is relatively lax, so have fun!
  8. ONLY EC and any additional prompt-related rewards will be redeemed when prompt submissions are made. If you wish to earn shells for your artwork as well, please submit it separately to Art Redeeming! 
  9. All work must be new and original and include your noticeable effort. Any artwork using bases or backgrounds not your own will be declined. 


In order to have access to the rest of the event, an entry prompt is required. Approval of this prompt will grant you with the Baycember - 2022 ribbon which you can proudly display on your profile and also approve you to access other aspects of the event.

Entry prompt- Completion of any of the five prompts on the prompt list! 



Whimsical Weather
Your bayfox is experiencing the worst of the season's weather! Are they buried six feet in the snow? Or are they on the other side of the world struck by a terrible heat wave?

Tomorrow's Adventures
The end of December brings a new year! Has your bayfox set any goals for the new year? If so, do they have any intention to follow them?

Present Preparation
This time of year seems to be the most charitable! Do your bayfoxes enjoy giving gifts or do they vastly prefer being given them instead? Or are they even more rotten, and prefer to take what isn't theirs by any means?

Celebratory Practices
Does your bayfox observe any traditional holidays occurring in December? Are these holidays familiar to our world, or are they completely unique to the world in which they live?

Radiant Decorations
Do your bayfoxes put up decor, or do they prefer to view what others have set up? When the sky is lit up by bright lights, fireworks, or even the natural stars in the night sky, do they still prefer to slink in the darkness?


You can earn a flat rate of 5 EC and 1 event companion for every art submission that is submitted. Finish (backgrounds or shading, etc) can reward you with bonus EC! 
For writing prompts, 500 words will grant you the basic 5 EC, for every 100 words after that you will earn an extra 1 EC. So if you write 2000 words, you can receive 20EC.

The rewards stack, and the more you complete, the more unique rewards you will receive!
The first submission you do will count as "1 Submission" this time around, meaning you will only have to complete 5 prompts total!
These rewards below are stacked on top of the default rewards.

  • 1 Submission: Baycember 2022 ribbon
  • 2 Submissions: 2 Random Effect Potions
  • 3 Submissions: 10 EC
  • 4 Submissions: 800 Seashells
  • 5 Submissions: Festive Pockat + 2 Baycember Companions




Daily Gift Claim

Every day up until the new year, there will be a forum for you to claim a special gift! These gifts include a variety of randomized rewards, from cosmetic items to apply to your bayfoxes, companions, and even very rarely MYO slots for a variety of subtypes!

Once the comment for December 8th arrives, you will have to have the Baycember - 2022 award to continue participating! Though for the first week, the event is freely accessible to everyone!

Click the present to visit the page or the link below!






As always, the Bayfox Cove Discord will be open and hosting additional activities where you can get even more prizes, such as claimables, quizzes, or scavenger hunts!