Boof (Arcticboof)

Category: Companions

Born in a blizzard, this wolf bears the snow in its fur. Each snowflake on their tail is unique!

Rarity: Event
Size: 1/3 the size of the average Bay
Customization: Snowflake placement, snowflake shape, sweater color and pattern.
Evolvable: No
Bonuses: When registered and drawn with a Bayfox, an RNG will be rolled.

  • 50%: 50 Seashells
  • 20%: 100 Seashells
  • 15%: Golden Scale x01
  • 9%: Iridescent Scale x01
  • 6%: Odd Scale x01

Droppable at Daycare: Yes
Obtainable: Winter Event
Value: 500 Seashells