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[Closed] Dec 2022 Charity Advent

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 11 months ago by roxas

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Hello! Welcome to our yearly Winter Charity Advent for the month of December 2022!

What is a charity advent? An Advent Calendar is where you preorder a given day on a calendar, and on that select day, you will receive a design based on the theme attached! In the case of this calendar, you are reserving the days in the month of December! All proceeds earned will be sent to charity with screenshot proof attached!

The charity we are donating to is Plenitud PR !

Payments are through Paypal and will be requested VIA INVOICE. If you are uncomfortable with listing your Paypal publicly please dm oblivion#3582 on discord. Invoices will be sent once the advent is CLOSED.

The designs are by all of our amazing mod team!
bumarokingcarnivaljinglebellskaefubsy, revali, xion and myself!

Slots highlighted in blue are PAID





Donation Complete!




[Closed] Dec 2021 Charity Advent

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 11 months ago by roxas

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Welcome to the 2021 Winter Charity Advent Calendar!

What is an advent calendar? It's pretty simple! You can select any open day for purchase, and on the day you bought them you will receive a design based on the theme chosen! Since this is the official opening, you can claim as many designs as you have the money to afford! Try not to claim all of them until after a day passes, though!
Note: Glass bays initially are not able to be sold for profit. The exception has been made as this isn't profit but for charity. You *are* able to resell these glass bayfoxes for the price you obtained them for afterwards if you want.

Days after 31 are the first week of January! Custom auctions will be reserved for day 40!

All money raised will go towards the Harlem Children's Zone!

The designs are by a variety of our incredibly talented mod team!
bug, vauxhall, kingcarnival, jinglebells, kae, fubsy, rain, xion and myself!





Happy Holidays!!

[Closed] June 2021 Charity Advent

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 11 months ago by roxas

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The Bayfox Cove Mod Team presents to you, a brand new advent calendar for the Month of June! For those who do not know, an Advent Calendar is essentially a calendar of days where the number you purchase will be the number of the day in June you receive the design! The designs are by our team of mods (Xion, Acidwash, Fubsy, Bug, Vauxhall, Rain, Nor_Man, Jinglebells, Luca and myself!)

This time, we will be donating all proceeds to Rainforest Trust









Donation is complete!

[Closed] Arlen's Monthly Gacha

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by roxas

Welcome back! It is once again time for Monthly Gachas!

What is a gacha?: Gachas are a system where you buy a random design, to which will be given to you upon received payment! The design is premade random, and you cannot ask for changes etc as its a surprise! Unlike previously, Gachas will likely open simply on the first Saturday of every month, *With a few exceptions if I am not avaliable in the week. Since weekdays can be rather hard to collect time on.

TIME: JUly 3rd, 2021 AT 12:00PM PST*


Price: $40 EACH, these designs are on a BASE.
Quantity Avaliable: 4 Designs

When the comments open, you must reply with just your paypal! If 2 hours have passed since the gacha opened and all slots are not filled, you may claim multiple (Submit one comment per each claim)