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Ends: 31 May 2023, 23:59:59 HST (2 days from now)

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No one is too old for fairytales!

OBJECTIVE: Depict your Bayfox in a fairytale-esque adventure! Are they playing the role of a knight in shining armor as a hero saving the day? Frolicking with fairies? Or even being a dragon with their very own hoard? The month of May is known for mermaids, maybe their calling is even gravitated toward the sea!

Art: You may interpret the theme however you'd like, as long as it's clear it's related!
Must be fullbody with minimal coverage (90% of body must be visible) to count, and must be at least flatcolored.
A depth background is no longer required as long as the image portrays the prompt clearly!

Writing: Story must be a minimum of 500 words. One of more bayfoxes must be present throughout the story. 

 Entry Limit: Unlimited.

 Prompt ends when it is no longer May 31st, 2023 anywhere in the world.


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Monthly Prompt Pet (SPRING) 1
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