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Hello! Welcome to the new Bayfox Site Masterlist Registration! After realizing how broken eclipse really is, I have decided to take efforts into my own hands and move registration onto our site!

If you do NOT register your Bayfox, you will not be able to participate in the group with them, whether it be posting in the group, using in events, quests, or activities, redeeming art for seashells, or any other association.


So! How to register? Just take a moment (or an hour you 100+ bay owners lol) to comment below!


1. You are giving us permission to use the image of the Bayfox you submit on the Visual Masterlist for archive keeping purposes. If you are not comfortable with your artwork being used, please do not submit it.

2. If using an image created by a different artist you need their consent.
You can reply here to ping them to ask if they're okay with consenting, or to see if they have provided consent and you don't need to directly ask!
    - So, if you are okay with people using your work on the Masterlist and don't want to answer 593493894 replies, reply here state you are giving permission!
    - YOU DONT NEED TO ASK A BASE CREATOR FOR CONSENT!! If they asked you to ask first before using their f2u base, you would need consent. Check their rules for any info. Provide credit to the base. You only need consent from the person who drew on the base. For P2U bases, you paid for a product and you have the right to use it (within their applicable rules of course) , and you drew on it for yourself, so you have your permission for it.

3. If you've done Lovey Dovey and designed Baykits, we'll be uploading the Kits ourselves so you don't need to make a comment. If you gifted away the Baykits, they will still be uploaded under your name, so please keep in mind to update their ownership when you can!

4. Any NEW MYOs and adopts will be uploaded by us when approved so you will not need to submit a second comment on the registry journal. We will ask submissions if they are okay with their art being used first.

5. Approval and Ownership proof is accepted in:

- dA comment links. Example:…
- credible screenshots (the entirety of the conversation/screen with minimal cropping, can be multiple screenshots)
- TH ownership tabs are also accepted as ownership proof, but do not serve as approval proof. 


What is NOT accepted as proof:

- broken links
deleted images on links/screenshots
- lack of context on what was approved or transferred to you (excessive cropping, basically)

Here's a breakdown on what we're looking for:

Bayfox Image
: Submit a clear, fullbody, colored art reference. Include alternative forms too, such as Chameleon Potion usage, Baysunes, Illusion Potion animal forms, old designs, and anything else applicable too. If using artwork that is not yours, please provide proof of the artist giving consent! Note you don't need to give proof of consent for admin/mod or art used during approval.
WATERMARKED ARTWORK IS NOT ACCEPTED, please provide a clean, watermarkless, image of your bay for its Masterlist entry!

Artist Credit: Provide who drew the given artwork(s). Include base credits if necessary.

Designer(s): List who created or contributed to the current design. If someone has revoked their credit or wishes not to be credited, please do not list them, but you CANNOT omit someone's designer credit if they did NOT consent to it.

Current Owner: List your username(s) you would like to be officially recognized under on the ML as. Co-owning is okay, but you must clarify who is the main owner.

Subspecies: What type of Bayfox are they? A water, oil, or cuisine? Please list what subtype they are!

Traits: List ALL the traits if your Bayfox. Include any forms of item usage proof. Include Effect Potion too and specify what trait was used under the potion (eg, Fire Breathing - Dragon Potion). unsure about a specific trait? trait verification here

Daycare Pets: Does this Bayfox currently have any Companions registered to them at the Pet Daycare?

Lovey Dovey: Has your Bay completed this Quest? If so, link to the approval comment.

Approval Proof: Provide any form of approval proof, or where the Bayfox has been approved. IF THE BAYFOX IS ADMIN OR MOD DESIGNS, YOU DON'T NEED APPROVAL PROOF, ONLY OWNERSHIP PROOF

Ownership Proof
: Provide any form of ownership proof such as how you came to owning this Bayfox.

How did you obtain this Bayfox: 
how did you get this bay? is it a MYO you own? did you buy it from a resale? adopt? then list the EXACT price you bought it for. got it in an art trade? character trade? list so. gift, raffle, freeb? list it too!


FORM - If you have multiple Bayfoxes, please make 1 comment per 1 Bayfox.

make a new comment! no chain to reply to.

Bayfox Image(s): (must have consent to use)
Artist(s) Credit: (inc base cred if applicable)
Current Owner: 
Subspecies: (water/oil/cuisine)
Traits: (list all; don't forget to list if single/dual/multi water tone on your Bay. Eyes and ears don't count as traits. Include any proof links if items were used on redesigns; etc)
Daycare Pets: (yes/no)
Lovey Dovey: (yes+comment link or no)
Approval Proof: 
Ownership Proof: 
How did you obtain this Bayfox: (resale $$, trade, gift, raffle, etc etc)

unvoiding bayfoxes

a new feature we as a group are enabling is the ability to unvoid bayfoxes! There is two circumstances of a bayfox being removed from the species

  • A former owner (or you) decided to remove the bayfox from the species
  • A former member was banned from the species, resulting in the removal of our name.

We acknowledge that people can tend to make impulsive decisions that they will later regret, and wish to reopen a system where members can enjoy the group once again with older bayfoxes. If the bayfox was willingly voided, we request that 6 months or more have passed since the void. If the bayfox was removed from the species due to a ban and has since moved owners, there is no mandatory cooldown and they can be immediately re-registered.

Voided bays that used to own pets before their voids cannot reclaim their pets.



make a new comment! no chain to reply to.

Bayfox Image(s): (must have consent to use)
Artist(s) Credit: (inc base cred if applicable)
Current Owner: 
Subspecies: (water/oil/cuisine)
Traits: (list all; don't forget to list if single/dual/multi water tone on your Bay. Eyes and ears don't count as traits. Include any proof links if items were used on redesigns; etc)
Approval Proof AND Proof of Voiding: (If they were from a formerly banned member, just specify as proof- Mod bays still do not need approval proofs)
Ownership Proof: 

NOTE: once a bay is voided, they cannot retrieve deleted ribbons or pets. Once they are deleted, they are lost forever. Bayfoxes can also not be re-approved with new traits, and must have their old information registered first before updating.

The community can provide help for you seeking proof of your Bayfoxes! Join our discord, and drop into the #help-me-find-proof channel!


Vizluvix Avatar

Bayfox Image(s):
Artist(s) Credit: astroviks on th
Designer(s): astroviks on th
Art permission:
Current Owner: Vizluvix
Subspecies: water
Traits: fluff tail, dual-tone water
Approval Proof:
Ownership Proof:

2023-04-28 15:36:54

cirrolithe Avatar
cirrolithe Staff Member

cirrolithe Avatar
cirrolithe Staff Member

Bayfox Image(s):
Artist(s) Credit: roxas
Designer(s): roxas
Current Owner: sleepyK9
Subspecies: Flammable Oil
-Dark Oil
-Single Tone Oil
-Insect Wings
-Unlisted Tail
-Unlisted Trait (Void Particles)
Approval/Void Proof: Mod made, and here’s where I assume he was voided but I can’t be 100% certain
Ownership Proof:

2023-04-27 20:02:37

cirrolithe Avatar
cirrolithe Staff Member

Wolfboykaito Avatar

Bayfox Image(s):
Artist(s) Credit: Roxas
Designer(s): Roxas
Current Owner: @Wolfboykaito
Subspecies: Water Bayfox
Traits: Dual Tone Water, Light Water?, Loose Tail, Beating Wings, Pointy Ears, Slit Eyes
Daycare Pets: no
Lovey Dovey: no
Approval Proof: Mod Made
Ownership Proof:
How did you obtain this Bayfox: Art Trade

2023-04-09 13:35:03 (Edited 2023-04-25 06:37:19)

cirrolithe Avatar
cirrolithe Staff Member

Uploaded! I don't believe they have light water, and since the wings are rather large I counted them as elegant!

2023-04-25 07:00:36

Wolfboykaito Avatar

ok! thankie!

2023-04-25 07:43:17

Buniiezz Avatar

Bayfox Image(s):

Artist(s) Credit: Roxas/Arlen
Designer(s): Roxas/Arlen
Current Owner: Buniiezz

Subspecies: water

Dual-tone water
Light water
Spots in water
Fluff tail

Approval Proof AND Proof of Voiding: owner/mod-made!
Ownership Proof:

2023-03-27 16:55:22 (Edited 2023-03-27 17:06:15)

Bumaro Avatar

DoctorLycanthrope Avatar

Bumaro Avatar

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