[QUEST] Treasure Trove

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The sounds of nature greet your ears as you trek through, plowing up the blanket covering its hidden secrets...

This trial is a prerequisite for unlocking the Treasure Trove activity on the site! Unlocking Treasure Trove enables a user to have a chance to collect a randomly generated in-game item daily! This can range from rare trait upgrades to companions!

To complete this quest, you must draw or write to the following theme: "Treasure Seeking"

Is your Bayfox traveling the seven seas to seek treasure? Or crawling through undergrowth in the enchanted jungle? Or perhaps just digging in their own backyard?
Clarification: this Quest specifically asks for your Bayfox to go out on a journey for physical treasure! Treasure that is intangible does not apply to this Quest's requirements.


  1. All entries are expected to follow the general expectations of submissions in the terms of service. For quick reference, no plagarism, keep things pg-13, and this prompt only accepts canon Bayfox forms.
  2. This Quest may only be completed once.
  3. Collabs are not allowed.
  4. Rewards are banked on submission of your prompt! Please do not resubmit to Art Redeeming.
  5. Companion bonuses may be applied, but follows the standard Art Redeeming rules. (max. 5 Companions)
  6. This ARPG Quest has no deadline or time limit. It is open indefinitely unless otherwise stated.
  7. Works we may interpret as low-effort or sloppy may be declined.



  • Must feature at least ONE Bayfox that is a fullbody.
  • Should be at least flat colored and have a background with some depth.
  • Digital and traditional is accepted. The image just needs to be clearly discernable.


  • Must feature at least ONE Bayfox as the main character.
  • Must be at least 500 words.