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LatteBites Avatar

Can you remove the bayfox B-4911 from my acc? I traded it for a different character and even told the new owner about the site and tried to get them to make an account so I won't have it but they refused, I no longer own this bayfox and I would like it removed from my acc pls.

2023-08-02 21:38:45 (Edited 2023-08-02 22:02:25)

Kitsunee Avatar

I just wondering how to get my bay fox approve to be my charather, yet my first one
Do you need a discord just to show the picture?
I’m just wondering.

2023-06-04 10:36:41

abba Avatar

i have two (completely unrelated to each other) questions!!
1) is it possible at all to change my username on here?? i know the link is to the dA account you use, but i havent used this username for at least 3+ years now and would really like if i could update to my current handle
2) im not sure if i can figure out how to upload my character? i made a BF off of a MYO event years ago and got him approved via the post in the dA comments (with screenshots of the number and everything) but cant find the spot to upload him here

help :<

2023-05-30 02:42:01

Evergray Avatar

nevermind i can void all my bayfoxes at once, my bad ^^'

2023-05-21 14:43:15 (Edited 2023-05-21 14:44:22)

Orchiddox Avatar

I need help. I'm trying to see how to get my design approve, but I don't know know how to submit it.

2023-04-19 15:47:21

vampycat237 Avatar
vampycat237 Staff Member

Apologies for the late reply!
If the design was not previously approved, go ahead and take a look at MYO/Adopt approval! You'll use the MYO comment chain if you created the design. If someone else created the design, they will need to make an account and comment in the Adopt comment chain!
If the bayfox HAS been previously approved on the Masterlist, please use the Masterlist Registration comment chain instead!
MYO/Adopt Approval:
Masterlist Registration:

2023-05-14 12:25:09

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