Character Creation


NOTICE: Please see the rules page for rules on some limitations, this is specifically the requirements to get a Bayfox itself approved design wise.
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1.1. BASIC REQUIREMENTS: In order to approve a Bayfox, there are a few requirements to allow their approval!
      - Water inside of their ears is a must! Bayfoxes where the water is not present inside their ears will be declined. While the water or fur ratio can be almost fully fur or entirely water (noses included), the ears must consistently remain water!
      - Ripples must remain on their body of water. Faint or faded ripples that are not easily identifiable to a moderator's monitor will require it be resubmitted. The exception falls under specific subtypes, where this exception will be listed in print.
      - Distinctions between fur and water: the lines separating fur and water should be defined by hard lines. This is to prevent confusion when the water may start or end! Exceptions would be fully lineless artwork.
      -Noses and muzzles must be distinctly vulpine! Beaks, nostrils, and other styles of snouts will require an alternate form via illusion potion.

Alternative forms must retain similarity to their original form. Whether it be colors, patterns, or fur and water placement or patterns. This is subjective, and it is better to ask if you feel they are not close enough to one another to be approved. 

Bayfoxes have traits. While some are free, some traits may require individual items. To see traits, visit our encyclopedia for the options! It is important to note that these traits are not the limit. Anything not shown on this list can be indiviudually suggested or submitted on a bayfox using an odd scale! However, traits that approach the topic of body horror may be exceptions as highlighted below.
      -Mock traits: Mock traits are accessories that "resemble" an existing trait (such as a headband with a horn or a halo attached) if you are applying a "mock trait" to a design, it will require the same items the normal trait does to be applied. The trait will be listed as the trait it mocks on a masterlist entry.

1.2. CONTENT WARNINGS: Characters involving sensitive material (eyestrain, body horror) are subjective and may be declined based on the extremity of their design. Alternatively, they may be marked with a content warning on the website in cases such as eyestrain or moderate horror. Submitting designs that test limits will likely not result in penalty, but be wary said designs may be declined if a moderator sees fit. 

1.3. OFFENSIVE CONTENT: While the variety of content is rather open, characters that are influenced by or contain offensive material will be declined and result in extreme penalties. Designs that hold nods to any material that falls under Rule 5.9 of the main rules page will result in penalties depending on the nature of the submission.

2.1. DERIVATIVE CHARACTERS: Heavily referenced derivative characters (CBCs, canon-based characters/character-based characters), are no longer permitted to be created.
What is a CBC? A CBC, or a character-based character, is a character with a strong influence in its design to another original source. Similar to "catified" or "dogified" characters as well as "kinsonas." In this case, "Bayfox CBCs" take an existing canon character from another media (TV shows, Comics, Video Games, Anime) and turn them into a Bayfox. 
The ban on CBCs is not a full ban on CBCs in their entirety. Instead, CBCs are encouraged to not be closely identifiable and should be also passable as original characters over than a direct replica of another original work. 

You are free to lightly inspire your Bayfoxes after characters from pop culture, books, movies, and other content, but the designs created cannot be heavily referenced/entirely copied from this copyrighted content
Things in public domain can be freely referenced from, but keep in mind the version you're sourcing! For example, the original Rapunzel story is in public domain, while Disney's Tangled is copyrighted. 

Inspiration vs Heavy Referencing:
      - Similar colors is okay, but avoid colorpicking. Colorpicking and bumping the hue/saturation up or down a couple of numbers will still count as colorpicking.
      - You can use similar hairstyles and accessories can resemble their source! But always be cautious of recognizability with these inclusions.
      - Combinations of iconic traits and taking too much from the inspiration with minimal changes.
      - Instant recognition is a no-approve! Ask a friend or a couple of people first if they can guess who your Bayfox is based on.
      - If your goal throughout the whole designing process is to create a character-inspired Bayfox, please specify during approval who your Bayfox is based on. Not specifying and having a mod discover this at a later date can result in consequences.

Please note: Various different factors together may create something that does not bypass our filters. the following are encouraged as guidelines if your content as been deemed too similar
      - Mixing inspirations. Instead of being sourced from one root material, the character takes several origins of inspiration to create its own unique character.
      - Adding personal preference to a design. Instead of solidly taking colors or theming from its basis, include your own motifs you personally enjoy!
      - Unique accessories and hairstyles: Unique accessories and hairstyles can go a long way in establishing your Bayfox as away from their basis, something we heavily encourage! Outfits from other characters or new outfit arrangements are encouraged and will help a design pass through the process! Different colors on outfits can also help a CBC pass.
      - Hueshifts: a character may be too identical due to its relationship with colors. If a character is notoriously known for having orange hair and eyes, try a totally different color for the hair or eyes!

Older generation Bayfoxes created before this hard rule are not subject to changes, however, if they are ever redesigned, these old generation Bayfoxes must have their design changed to be unrecognizable from the original source of inspiration.

We don't know every franchise out there to an extent, so if you notice a Bayfox based on derivative content that isn't disclosed and gets approved, please notify the group privately!

2.2. INDIE MATERIAL: Characters based on small indie projects are strictly banned from Bayfox interpretations. This can include, but is not limited to, mods of games such as Friday Night Funkin', The Walten Files, and much more. This is because we are unsure if the creators themselves are comfortable with their work being interpreted this way and if this approval is permanent. We are against overstepping the lines in which make other creators uncomfortable.

Public domain indie works, however, are permitted.


Yes! You can do so, but you'll need permission from the original designer!
During approval, you must provide proof of designer's written consent and the original OC design. Screenshot proof directly claiming for the allowance of species forms must be given. (For example, design rules saying they do not care what is done will still require direct written proof on species form policy specifically)
Designs by community members or moderators are not exempt by this rule, and the creation of a Bayfox form will will require consent!

We will not approve designs with unknown original creator credits.
You may commission another user for a Bayfox customs based on personal characters. The rules outlined in 3.3 still apply, so the user being commissioned will need an Adopt Pass and submit the design in the Adopt Approval center. Written consent, is once again, required even if a moderator is commissioned to create this Bayfox interpretation of a design.
The creator of the Bayfox form can take credit for the Bayfox interpretation, but cannot claim credit for the design of the original character.

Non-bayfox waterbodied ocs cannot be turned into a Bayfox or given a Bayfox form as the forms can lack distinction in what is a bay and what is a non-bayfox. A normal "water-bodied" OC not designed with the intention of being a bayfox is not approvable.
These designs created cannot be separated if selling/trading! You can't separate the designs (such as selling the Bayfox form but keeping the original OC). The Bayfox form will adhere to all Bayfox rules.

MYO designs created to be a sibling or twin of an existing Bayfox are only allowed if you have BOTH the original Bayfox's designer AND current owner's consent. Lack of written consent will once again result in your submission being declined.
Parents or children of an existing adult Bayfox are allowed, but once again require written consent. This relationship will not be officially recognized on site unless the Bayfoxes' children are created through the process of the ARPG process Lovey Dovey.

3.2 DESIGN THEFT: You cannot turn a character you do not own into a Bayfox, nor copy aspects from existing Bayfoxes. Design theft is taken very seriously and will result in extreme consequences, including potential removal, from our group.



4.1 CHARACTER REDESIGNS: You may redesign and apply trait upgrades to your Bayfox with applicable ARPG items. However, the Bayfox cannot be unrecognizable from their original design. You cannot omit the original designer's credit. Redesigns at no time under no circumstance, can be separated from their original design.
Redesigns are applicable to any approved bayfox design within the species, and we strictly do not allow the penalization toward members who have redesigned a Bayfox. Regardless of what an individual designer's TOS suggests on redesigns, As Rule 3.3 on the main rules page suggests all Bayfoxes are forfeited from personal TOS in exchange for the general species terms.

All redesigns must be approved at the MYO and Adopt Approval Center journal.
Another user can redesign a Bayfox for you, but they must have an Adopt Pass if you are paying them to do so.

Edits that don't require approval or items include the following:
      - Minor color changes
      - Hairstyle
      - Hair length (within reason)
      - Fur Hair Color (only applies to hair on the head. This doesn't apply if the hair is made of water)
      - Accessories and clothes

Edits that need items:
      - Noticeable color shifts
      - Noticeable patterns changes
      - Changing water/fur locations (includes changing water hair to fur hair or vice versa)
      - Changing, adding, or upgrading traits

4.2 Redesign Limitations: Redesigns must hold some similarity to their original design. Whether it be colors, patterns, or fur and water placement or patterns. Like alternate forms, this is entirely subjective, and it is better to ask if you feel they are not close enough to one another to be approved. 

4.3 Redesign Item Usage: Redesigns, will always require the usage of a redesign elixir. Each item has their own specific limitations. While Splash elixirs are for more subtle changes that don't completely overhaul the design, rainbow elixirs enable a more thorough redesign of a character.
The process of which is requires is subjective, and you are free to ask for a mod's opinion if you are unsure!

Removal or changing of traits of a lower tier will require pebbles. Dull pebbles can be used to remove existing traits, or change a trait to a common trait, while Shiny pebbles can swap out a trait for that of a similar or lower rarity. Changing a trait to that of a higher rarity will require the normal item necessary.