Cake's Birthday Corner

[Cake] : Hello!! Welcome to my Cake Corner. Oh! Is it that time of the year...? 
Come along~ Let's celebrate together!

How to play:
-On your birth date; you may comment to claim a gift listing the DOB / The date must be in the time zone displayed on the site!
-You can choose one out of three tickets (Red, Blue, and Yellow respectively) to receive, specify in comment what bundle you want!

Red Ticket

Red Ticket: Love
x01 Party Pockat
x10 Random Companions [Not event related / exclusive / custom / MYO]
x01 Pizookatte of your choice
x3 Cupcake Birbs
x3 Milkshake Birbs

Yellow Ticket
Yellow Ticket: Gamble
x01 Party Pockat
x10 Random Seascales [Normal, Gold, Iridescent, or Odd]
Random RNG'd amount of seashells [Min: 1000, Max: 10,000]
x05 Adopt Pass

Blue Ticket
Blue Ticket: Cosmetic
x01 Party Pockat
x01 Cake mix or Full Course Meal
x10 Random Effect Potions (Mermaid or Halloween are NOT possible)


-You may only REAP REWARDS once a YEAR
-There is no way to confirm your actual birth date legally, you must comment on the day of your birthday, and will then be on cooldown for a year!
-You must have a site account


Sylveoncandy Avatar

User: Sylveoncandy
Birthday: 5/16
Package: Gamble (yellow) !!

2023-05-16 05:08:47

Lockedcoat Avatar

user - lockedcoat
birthday 5/8 ( day late was sick )
package: gamble ( yellow )


2023-05-09 09:30:22

HeavenBeetle Avatar

Bday is April 27
Package: red with the fruit flakes pizoo please!!

2023-04-27 04:36:08

Buniiezz Avatar

04/24 (was out with family all day so 1 day late !!)
Gamble (Yellow) ! ❤

2023-04-25 08:29:15

cirrolithe Avatar
cirrolithe Staff Member

Granted! Happy birthday!!

2023-04-26 13:59:43

cirrolithe Avatar
cirrolithe Staff Member

User- sleepyK9
Bday- 04/22

2023-04-21 18:46:10

cirrolithe Avatar
cirrolithe Staff Member

no way. 19. i got a ticket woooo

2023-04-26 13:59:30

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