Bayfox Questing

Bayfox Questing

A community based interactive story with several progression points and storylines!

Bayfox Questing is a series of streamlined pooling systems you can donate to in order to further along different storylines. This is an all-year item collecting and art prompt based event, which will grant fun prizes, introduce new items and companions, and gives you a chance to earn new badges to decorate your profiles with!

Questing rules

  1. Progress each storyline by donating to item pools with fill goals, which will be specified in each comment. As items are donated, the pool will fill and once full, the next section of the storyline will open.
    1. Donate to pools by replying to their respective comments, and be sure to have the appropriate items in your account. 
    2. You are able to reply once per week with a donation of up to 5 items. This is to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate, but note: there will be rewards for donating to all pools!
    3. "Weeks" are every 7 day period starting on a Sunday and ending Saturday. This means that you can donate on a Saturday then again on Sunday, but would have to wait until the next Sunday to donate again.
  2. Sometimes there will be more than one pool open at a time, you are able to donate to each one within the same week, but the individual ones only once a week. 
    1. When there are multiple pools to donate to, whichever one fills first will be the way the storyline continues! The other pools can still be filled, and they will open a new art prompt that you can complete.
  3. Ensure you have the correct items! Pools will explicitly state what item they need to be filled. An example would be normal scales; any other type of scale would not be accepted in this situation. 
  4. Everyone is working towards the same goal, so be sure not to pressure anyone out of donating. The more involvement we have from the community, the better! 
    1. Giving items to other members for them to donate is perfectly acceptable, but it will not give you any additional rewards within Questing, they will go to the donator. 
    2. If you give items to another user, they have no official obligation to split their rewards with you.
  5. We will be looking specifically for your participation, not the amount you have donated or number of comments you left. 
    1. Only one reply per chain will be accounted for individual rewards, but remember! The goal is to move the storylines along, so donating as often as you can will still have benefits.
    2. Try to keep track of your comments! You will need to link them as proof of your donations if you want to redeem particular awards.
  6. As new parts of each storyline releases, with them may be art prompts. Art prompts will not progress anything story-wise, but instead will grant specific rewards. These prompts are completed by individual users as an additional method of participating, and they do not tie into the community aspect! 
    1. Art prompts will have different requirements per each one, but all will need bayfoxes who are on the masterlist. You will be allowed to draw mascots or other community members’ bays! 
  7. Once a pool fills it can no longer be donated to, and after the storyline is completed the only outcome of donating to pools within it would be to unlock more art prompts.
    1. The only pools you have to donate to in order to receive the award for submitting to all of them are pools that progress the storylines. You will not be required to donate to ones that only unlock art prompts. 


[Schnelly's Dilemma]

Questing Prompts

Click here to visit the art prompt page!

Completed Storylines

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