Bayfox Questing

Introducing: bayfox questing!

We are happy to announce we are starting to implement questing into the world of Bayfoxes! 

The Questing System will be a series of quests you can embark on using your bayfoxes and companions. This is a multistage art exploration that will let you explore various regions, meet different bays and find unique items, companions, and even pieces to craft rare, expensive items!

Questing rules

1. Similar to other mini quests and prompts, you can move forward by making artworks and written media of the prompts in the quests! 
        1A. Written prompts must be a minimum of 800 words!
        1B. Art can be traditional or digital!
        1C. Drawn prompts do require a background, but they do not require shading! You will be provided with references of the environment for you to use in order to facilitate background work. You may colorpick or use them as references, but do not trace any of the artwork! There is no specific level of background detail needed, so long as it is a passable background for whatever section of the quest is being completed!

2. Bayfoxes, baykits, and baysunes are all allowed for these prompts, but they MUST be approved and have a masterlist in order to participate!
       2A. There will be quests that involve SPECIFIC "subtypes" (baykit quest, stuff like that). When that is the case, it will be made clear in the attached description.

3. All entries must be SFW and contain no offensive material. Entries that contain offensive/bigoted material will be rejected and may result in further action from the moderation team.

4.  All entries must include at least one colored fullbody! You can quest with as many bays as you want though, the more the merrier!

5. Prompts can be completed more than once, if you wish to redo the quest line in order to acquire new prizes! 
     5A. Some quest lines have sidequests restricted by specific items or companions, meaning you can only do them if you fulfill the requirements!

6. Artistic liberty and unique interpretations of the scenery is allowed! You are given scene references for ease of work, but if you wanna go full out we encourage it!

7.  You can only submit one entry per submission! Entries are submitted through the "EVENTS" category through art redemtpion.

8. You can redeem quest art for normal art redemption compensation! 

9. All artwork must be original and not traced from existing works! Bases are not allowed!

10. You MUST fill out the form when submitting quest. If you do not fill it out, the redemption will be rejected. You must also make sure to attach the bayfoxes used same way you do when redeeming normal art. The form is below.


Quest: (name of quest you are doing)
Area: (name of area you are doing)
How many times have you submitted an entry for this area? (if it's your first time just put once. This is for those redoing routes.)
Companions included: 
Items used: (gate key / summoning item )

         10A. You will receive a reply in the comments section of your entry with the next prompts/final prompt, if you've reached the end!


And finally, not a rule but just a note: we will be releasing the first three introductory quests over the span of 3 months so that people have time to adapt, ask questions and work with it, and so we can fix any problems that may be discovered during this time!

All the introductory quests will be PERMANENT installations, meaning you don't have to worry about time constraints, with one exception we'll expand upon below. You must finish the introductory quests in order to gain access to the rest of the quests.

There will be other permanent, or very long lasting, questlines for you to adventure in! Don't let the size of the introductory quests fool you, the lines will increase quite a bit in size over time!

There will be a few temporary quests, working on three 4 month rotations, and some smaller seasonal temporary quests!

Now that that's all settled, below are the current questlines open!


Quests masterlist

Introductory quests

1. Island of Follium

2. The Primal Grove (TBA: Dec. 1st)

3. Mosasauran's Reefs (TBA: Jan. 1st)

Permanent questlines

Coming soon...

Temporary questlines

Coming soon...


FAq/Extra information

For clarity's sake, here's an abbreviated version of a few things and some other tidbits. FAQs will be added here as well.

1. You turn in art or written media. Art can be traditional. Written media must be a minimum of 800 words.

2. You can use multiple bayfoxes. They can be bayfoxes, baykits or baysunes. They must be registered in the masterlist.

3. You can redeem questing art for normal redemption compensation.

4. Certain companions and items are ONLY found through quests, others can be found in and out of quests.

5. You can find shards of items to make larger, rarer items in late stage larger quests. You can also make summoning items to acquire unique, rare companions. More will be specified when this mechanic is active.

6. Sidequests are sometimes locked behind required items (either specific items or companions). While most companion sidequests are for companions available in and out of quests, some will be for companions you can only get in quests.

7. After you reach a certain stage in larger questlines, you will have to restart a portion of the quest line in order to get to new places.  

          7A. If you do a sidequest, once done you bounce back to your previous location. So you do not need to start all over again to get to your previous location.

         7B. If you finish a quest ENTIRELY (get to the endpoint), you can "bounce back" to any intersection you have previously been to in order to go down different lines! 

         7C. Continuation on above, if there's a divergence in the line as the FIRST STEP that causes you to go down a unique line depending on your choice, you can go back to this intersection and do the other unique line if you've finished the quest as well!

        7D. You can only revisit intersections if you have finished the quest at least once! Meaning you must've gotten at least ONE ending out of how many there are. Once done, you can revisit previous intersections and go down different lines or sidequests. You will be told when you reach an ending!


8. Collaborative quests and status-exclusive quests will be introduced. Collaborative quests can be done between a group of 2-3 people. Status-exclusive quests will require a specific subtype (bayfox, baykit, baysune, etc) or a specific status (LD Families, possibly other things).

9. Companion-centric miniquests will eventually be introduced.

10. NPCs will eventually be introduced.

11. Quests will have a list of other companions that exist in the environment you're at. You can draw them to fill in the environment, or for redemption prizes if you own the companions! Some quest's scene art will feature mysterious, unknown creatures as well... perhaps one day you'll be able to tame them?
        11A. You can offer up any amount of shells up to 1000 in order to try and tame any of the companions in the area! You can do this for multiple companions per entry, but you have to make sure you have the shells to offer.
The more shells you offer, the higher the chances the companion will be tamed! This must be on the bottom of your submission when submitting completed quest prompts, and must correspond to the area you are questing in!
The companion you are attempting to tame MUST BE in the "neighboring fauna" category of the area you are currently questing in.  

Form for companion taming

What companion are you making an offering to?
How many shells (out of 1000) are you offering?


Thank you all for the support, and we hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to comment! Or if on the discord, you can dm Mod Bumaro! I developed most of this so any questions I can answer and will listen to feedback or possible future quest requests!


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